We help healthcare consumers make smarter choices

About Checkbook Health

We're nonprofit and we're on a mission to provide consumers with the information they need to make educated choices of service providers.


We do this by unearthing, assembling, analyzing, and simplifying information to help consumers understand cost, quality, and value in insurance plans, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare services. We also survey millions of consumers per year about their experiences with health insurance, doctors, hospitals, and other  providers.


Our data, publications, and online tools help consumers better understand and navigate the US health system.

What We Do

Help Consumers Choose Plans

Our tools help consumers traverse the difficult process of shopping for health plans

Evaluate Health Providers

We find novel and relevant ways to measure aspects of individual providers' care that matter to consumers.

Provide Technology Solutions

Based on our experience helping consumers choose health plans and providers, we’ve built a set technology solutions.

Some of the Organizations We've Worked With

State Based Marketplaces

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