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Provider Choices

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Choosing the right health provider is a critical decision for healthcare consumers. Numerous studies have shown that patients have better outcomes with some providers than others.

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Access to Provider Information

For over 40 years, Checkbook has sought to give consumers information to help choose the right provider. Examples of causes we’ve worked on include:


  • Using billions of claims to evaluate safety outcome
  • Getting the inside scoop by asking doctors to recommend other doctor
  • Collaborating with insurers to to identify many members who all saw the same doctor
  • Using rigorous survey research methods to evaluate which doctors scored better

We still think there is a lot more information that consumers need to evaluate providers, such as patient- reported outcomes for medical treatments, individual safety outcomes for maternity care, and much more. At the same time, when consumers go to their favorite search engine to learn about a doctor, they see a flood of disorganized data with poor accuracy.

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